Interview Workshop

Interview Workshop

We will make sure your resume is prepared and you are ready to ace your interview the ultimate goal in your interview is to land an internship or professional job promote your strengths and skills effectively so that you can stand out from the rest of the candidates if you have not had experience in the industry you are interviewing for remember your transferable skills and translate how they will be beneficial for you in this position.

There are three parts of the interview before during and after we believe all three parts are very critical for interview success before the interview you want to make sure that you are prepared make sure your resume is updated and you have at least two extra copies printed on resume paper for the interview for instance if you are doing a panel interview with three interviewers take five copies of your resume confirm the interview in advance.

This is a good opportunity to ask who you will be interviewing with if you don’t already know then make sure to do your research on the interviewers look them up on LinkedIn see if you can find their profile on the company website try to find a common connection and bring it up in the interview you don’t have to let them know you were stalking them but more than likely they viewed your profile as well if you’re familiar if you aren’t familiar with the location of the interview drive to the location of the day before be prepared for traffic and don’t be late you will want to make sure that your references are approved in advance.

They are aware that they may be receiving an email or phone call and can support you well remember references should be approved each and every time you use them this way they can be prepared to give good responses for the employer research the organizations review their mission and vision statement other information is also important such as what products and services do they offer who are their competitors and what have they done recently that is newsworthy that may be isn’t shared on their website know the position search for the skills and qualities they are looking for in their candidates.

Many times these keywords are listed in the job description this will allow you to incorporate these skills in your answers make sure to have questions for the interviewer as well we will go over this part a little later remember your interview starts in the parking lot make sure to be courteous to drivers nearby and anyone else you may run into in the building several employers report that the first thing they do after an interview is ask the receptionist what they thought of the interviewee turn off your cell phone Smartwatch or any other device before going into the building handshakes should be firm your right hand will connect with their right hand and look the person in the eye handshakes are gender neutral meaning the firmness of the handshake should be the same no matter the gender you don’t want to squeeze someone’s hand so tight that it hurts.

You don’t want to give a limp handshake later on we will talk about alternative options – handshakes make sure that you have your attire already the night before and smile when we’re nervous we may have a confused or frustrated look.

It which can send mixed messages to the interviewer when you smile it naturally makes the person looking at you smile and it sends endorphins through our body that makes you feel good therefore you will be more confident during your interview process when it comes to your appearance regardless of the company’s dress culture err on the side of professional dress once you are employed you will be able to dress according to the company policy for an interview you should be wearing a suit stick.

Place that has a neutral background like a blank wall make sure you’re in a quiet place with minimal noise and distractions do a test interview to make sure that your camera angle is at the right level for direct view and eye contact you will also want to be sure that your microphone and Internet are functioning properly before the interview begins the professional development center is happy to do a virtual mock interview with you email Allison Goodwin at the email address in the description to setup a virtual mock interview these are some of the questions that are most commonly asked in interviews these are asked time and time again by employers you should develop answers to these questions and practice sending them out you can even use your phone to record your answers and listen to

How they sound and make improvements as needed don’t memorize these answers you don’t want to sound like a robot however know the outline of what your response will be let’s go over some examples tell me about yourself this is one of the most difficult questions for most students leave out your personal information.

This answer will evolve over time as you develop and grow this is your opportunity to let the interviewer know what skills and experience you have that would be beneficial to the company we recommend stating your major skills that you have acquired at school or internship and whatever you have to offer the organization you can see in this example she mentions her degree and major as well as the skills she has gained through her participation and student organization.

When talking about your worst qualities you always want to focus on how you are improving use your learning experiences as a part of your answer check the job posting to avoid mentioning skills that are pertinent to the job the star method is used for answering behavior based questions know and understand the star method employers share that students don’t know the star method make sure that you are talking about a specific situation and don’t forget to end with a positive result.

An internship or professional role if not use an experience from your coursework to answer for example situation in my marketing class we were assigned to a group project to develop a marketing plan for a gym we had three people in our group task we had to create a full report for a gyms current marketing strategies and develop a plan to increase the monthly memberships action we divided the tasks equally and said deadlines for each assignment.

We also collaborated in team meetings to ensure everyone was on track results we received an a on the project and our professor was very impressed with our work we learned quite a bit including time management skills with tight deadlines and working with a diverse group of people towards a common goal by using the star method the employer gets a better sense of what was learned through the experience as well as gaining an articulate summary of how the learning was applied most employers are looking for these top five skills you should prepare to answer questions demonstrating your skills in each of these areas.

Let’s use our star method example elaborate on how well your team was able to communicate demonstrate creativity and work through challenges during the project in a diplomatic manner for example we were challenged by deadlines of the project due to our team members work schedules we agreed to use Group Me as an application to help us stay on track and developed much of our work virtually the end result was that we developed a great presentation and received an A you these are a few more good keywords to include in your answers think of examples of different times.

When you are able to demonstrate using these five skills these are important skill sets for the workplace today visit the link in the description to go to our website and download our interview packet the packet provides a template to help you develop answers to incorporate these skills into your interview responses these are typical inappropriate questions if you are asked one of these types of questions.

I would recommend to answer by saying something along the lines of I can assure you my personal life won’t get in the way of my professional life I would not recommend giving a long answer or getting too much information about your personal life think like an employer why are they asking you this there’s a business side to this question make sure to focus on their need for business related information let’s take the first question as an example how do you plan to take care of your children while you’re at work technically.

This is not an appropriate interview question but clearly they’re interested in whether you will be at work on time so respond this way I will be able to report to work at my scheduled time with no issue each of these questions is inappropriately asked but there is a reason that the employer is concerned so focus on the job and what your skill sets are and stay job-related.

So let’s quickly summarize you want to listen prepare demonstrate positivity and respond to the hiring managers questions if you don’t understand a question simply ask the interview to clarify or rephrase the question promote yourself in your answers and think about your transferable skills how will your transferable skills benefit the organization as you do your research in the pre-interview phase develop.

A list of five to ten questions to ask the interviewer make sure the questions are meaningful and important to you such as what drew them to the company or how would they describe the company’s culture don’t ask questions just to ask be strategic in the questions that you ask so that it demonstrates your skills here are some general interview do’s promote yourself and demonstrate.

Your skill set with examples always be honest but don’t over share leave out personal information position yourself is qualified for the position know the job description and skills that they are looking for and don’t forget about your transferable skills for instance if you worked as a cashier at Kroger what skills did you learn you learned accountability using the cash door as well as customer service and communication skills in any work experience.

You can pull transferable skills be creative remember the Professional Development Center is here to help here is an interview don’ts don’t bring up questions about salary flex time or benefits promote yourself and your skills but don’t come off as arrogant again be honest but don’t over share if you make a mistake just keep going they usually won’t notice unless you make a big deal about it in concluding the interview.

You ask the interviewer when you can expect to hear back on next steps as you leave normally you would conclude with a handshake and smile during this unusual time the most employer most employers will support a fist bump or air-five instead of a handshake don’t forget to thank the interviewer as well as the receptionist and anyone else who assisted you on your way out after the interview closing.

The loop is very important make sure you proofread your follow-up emails and handwritten notes carefully email messages should be sent within 24 hours and handwritten within 48 hours remember this is part of your overall personal brand make it memorable in the right way with a well-developed message you should always take time to reflect after an interview about what you learned and how you could improve.

It recommend writing down any tough questions you encountered in order to prepare for the next interview each interview should be a learning experience and think about how you can improve for the next interview even if you feel like you will get an offer after an interview keep applying to different opportunities to make sure that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket keep applying and interviewing.

These networking opportunities now to make connections you can connect with employers to meet at info sessions lunch and learns and career fairs on LinkedIn start building those relationships now these will likely help you land internships or full-time opportunities in the future we have many opportunities through it the Professional Development Center to earn your complete professional program certificate however there are five core modules and you will need to choose four of these to receive your certificate.

There are many benefits to completing your certificate all of these programs involve you being able to network with employers this creates opportunities for you to gain experience and get internships or even full-time jobs in the future so there are a lot of opportunities even beyond these five core modules such as futures and finance and full command women and leadership for you to continue to network and meet local employers plus there are many many more lunch and learns.

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