Health Benefits of Lions Mane Mushrooms

Lions made mushrooms can also contribute to heart health by preventing the oxidization of cholesterol within the bloodstream and contain a compound called heronosine b which decreases the rate of blood clotting thus lowering the risk of stroke or heart attack cool i was not aware of that until i just started researching recently so i’m very happy to share number six helps manage the symptoms of diabetes diabetes is a condition characterized by the body’s inability to control blood sugar levels and chronically high blood sugar can lead to serious complications like peripheral peripheral nerve damage vision loss and kidney disease lion’s mane mushrooms can be beneficial for the management of diabetes thanks to its ability to improve blood sugar control and the reduce and reduce the risk of these dangerous side effects multiple animals animal studies have found.

Lion’s mane can significantly lower blood sugar levels in diabetic mice even in low doses as well as inhibit enzyme alpha glucoside which breaks down carbohydrates in the small intestine blocking alpha glutathious disrupts carb absorption and helps lower blood sugar levels lion’s main extracts may reduce diabetic no pain in the feet and hands as shown in one six-week study of diabetic mice daily doses of lion’s mane mushroom extracts led to increase antioxidants levels lowered blood pressure and significantly reduced pain number seven may help fight against cancer cancer is a disease that proliferates when dna becomes damaged and causes cells to replicate out of control causing abnormal tumors and growths in the body some researchers have found.

Lion’s mane mushrooms may have anti-cancer properties thanks to some of its unique compounds contained within the lion’s mane when lion’s mane extract mixes with human cells in a test tube setting the extract causes a faster rate of cell death an amazing reaction that has been replicated with several types of cancer cells including colon liver stomach and blood cancer lion’s main extracts have also been found to show sorry to slow cancer spread particularly in one male study that showed in this 69 reduction.

While in the spread of lung cancer while the anti-cancer effects of line’s main mushroom have not been tested in humans these early results are promising number eight provides immune system support a strong immune system protects us from opportunistic viruses bacteria and disease causing pathogens while the weak immune system leaves as vulnerable animal studies have shown that lions made mushroom can boost immortality by increasing intestinal immune system activity which protects against ingested pathogens another study found that lion’s mane supplements managed to nearly quadruple the lifespan of mice injected with lethal doses of salmonella bacteria all thanks to its influence on healthy gut bacteria and intestinal flora that’s absolutely amazing i had no idea until i just learned.

So the side effects associated with lion’s mane mushrooms there have been no studies examined examining the side effects of lion’s mane mushroom or its extract on human participants but this mushroom never nonetheless appears to be quite safe no adverse side effects were reported seen in animal studies even at high doses of three grams per kilogram of body weight per day however because the lions made mushrooms still fungus some people may be unknowingly sensitive or even allergic to it and certainly in any instances where taking a supplement causes symptoms like skin rash or difficulty breathing it should be discontinued and completely avoided immediately cool.

The main takeaway from mine’s made in mushrooms so just a little summary of of what we’ve just discussed so clinical trials have shown that this mushroom that this mushroom used in traditional chinese medicine has benefit has beneficial and protective effects on many areas of the brain from the nerves of the brain to the feet of the heart to the depths of the gut lines may may help reduce anxiety repair neurological damage boost the immune response and guard various kinds of cancer the benefits of lion’s mane mushroom are staggeringly positive while the effects are virtually non-existent the side effects are virtually non-existent.

If you are interested in its potential you can you can concoct the lion’s mane mushroom elixir by mixing it with hot water diagnose its seafood like taste in some lion’s mane mushroom coffee or take a lion’s mane supplement find out what mushrooms can do for you there’s so many different kinds and if you’d love to have a further conversation about lion’s mane how to access it where to access it or what it might benefit you from consuming or how it might benefit you from consuming

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