What is Strobilanthes Kunthianus ?

This is a very rare and exotic plant species and the botanical name for this plant species Strobel Anthes Mundi Ana’s all right the terminal er warmint has announced this scheme for to protect the nila pure energy plant species here in the photo crap you can see denilla current applaud the his plant has been taken up by the Tamil Nadu government for the conservation purposes.

It is slow in a Braille years only once these flowers blooms or led to a ecologically this plant species is very important no DVD version near conserve this flower is came after thee some components that the flowers of this ecologically important plant are sold commercially that is in our time malaria the plants of this rare exotic species are sold commercially in that is why there is urgent need to consult this plot now this plant species .

This band that is this turbulent as kun-hee Ernest is a shroud plants now this plant is found in a shawl or forest or the western heart India there is again one more interesting thing about this plant that Nilgiri Hills which literally means the Blue Mountains core. their name from the purpose blue flowers of the nila chironji block that is the nila crunchy parts.

Which blooms only once in our 12 years healthy purple blue flowers as you can see in the picture and due to this purple blue flowers nearly heels got their name as a name Gary Neal stands for the blue color that is why I Nilgiri Hills quality Nilgiri Hills alright so this makes this poppin very important one from the examination point of view and you should remember all these things.

Now let us see something about this plan now chironji grows at the altitude of 30 meters of height this part is usable grow 30 to 60 centimeter in height it belongs to the family I can t see and the flower has no smell or medicinal value and this plant is totally endemic to the Western Ghats that is the Malacca and Jew plant is only found in a Western heart and more and not found in any other part of the world and this makes this article and the me through the waste and hurts me alright so you should remember all these basic things about these plants alright.

This plant has been documented to be bleep blooming in 1838 then 1850 then 1862 then 1874 you can observe the gap of croy years exactly between the blooming ‘he’s recently this plant has bloomed in 2006 and they’re in 2018 that is this year this year this plant has been grooming after the trail years from the 2006 now the only on tribal people living in a Tamil Nadu use.

This plot as a reference to calculate their age all right so you should remember the billion tribal people as well because these plants use this plant to calculate their age all right because these plants are only bloom once in a Williams all right so you know summary you have to remember that the neela currently part consideration is taken up by the tamil nadu government.

It blooms only once in our failures and our genetics Conservation comes after deities the flowers of this plant sold commercially right now this plant is a shrub and found only in a shoal of forests of the western part in South India nilgiri hills named after the color of the nila chironji flowers all day then nila girl in Japan they all had a 1300 to 2400 meters grow up to 30 to 60 70 between height we don’t owe him any accuracy and it’s flowers has no medicinal value and it is totally endemic to the Western hearts and only blooms in our trail years all right and the Pali on tribal use this plant to calculate their age.

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