Introduction to Pharmaceutical Analysis

Pharmaceutical analysis it’s nothing but analysis of all the pharmaceuticals what does analysis mean they are basically all the results or tests that you perform in the lab like identification solubility LOD I say impurities etc so these are all the general tests that you keep performing for your analysis that’s analysis but of what do you perform of pharmaceuticals which are these pharmaceuticals they are things like API formulations which can be solid or a liquid oral parentals etcetera they can be biologics they can be LC pills and so on so when you perform such tests that is analyzing.

These products is known as pharmaceutical analysis this gives you a brief idea what pharmaceutical analysis will be now when you know what pharmaceutical analysis is you should also know the importance of pharmaceutical analysis all of you I’m here to give an entrance exam for Elfa you might land up doing alpha in baby so Dix ecology cognos see firm chem or analysis these are the most common subjects where you would be pursuing and fun now if you take an analysis as your M from subject what you would mainly be doing is method development in such a project.

What you do is develop a method to analyze pharmaceuticals for example you develop an assay method of paracetamol to analyze the purity of paracetamol that is nothing but firm analysis project so for such Mpho you need to have knowledge of famine Alyce’s if you do M famine from camp your basic project would be synthesis if you synthesize a chemical compound drugs say for raw ontology de to prove what do you have synthesized you will have to analyze that drug and identify what you have synthesized so again knowledge of firm so tickle analysis is important.

If you do a firm temperature if you are doing Pharma policy what you do is mainly extractions in such a project you extract a constituent from herbal plant product example you extract a constituent from a bulk on extraction you have to prove what you have extracted in which you will have to analyze or identify that extracted constituent hence again pharmaceutical analysis is important for Cognos project.

If you are doing ecology you might be doing drug response here again you will extract blood fluids from animal and analyse the drug content to find drug curve in the blood sample again analysis is important for such a project if you do so takes you will be formulating a medicine for example you’re formulating a resettlement tablet in that again you will be analyzing the formulated tablet to prove your project so analysis would also include things like friability disintegration resolution etc this just gives you an overview.

How important this subject from suitable analysis is even if you take any other subject for your M phone so the study and knowledge of pharmaceutical analysis is most important for all L firm students going further which are the important analytical methods that you study till now examples include titrations which we have been studying since lemon standard things like I would AMA cream I would Demitri then acid base EDTA or complex somet tree red ox etc are common titrations which we have been studying since the beginning other love pharmaceutical analytical methods would include something like limit tests.

The common ones are you of visual tests using natural cylinders or does include spectroscopies chromatography there are analysis using microscope is the most popular ones what are we more concentrated on is these two as part of your pharmaceutical analysis microscope is nothing but doing your particle size analysis or your shape of particles etc done by microscopy titrations you’re very well aware since the beginning limit test is not very important because they are more of visual methods what we focus more is on these two chromatography and spectroscopies I would be going in depth with the term spectroscopy.

What is spectroscopy it’s all the methods of analysis using radiations when these radiations these radiations are nothing but electro magnetic radiation when these regulations are used to analyze pharmaceuticals it’s known as spectroscopy spectroscopies use many kind of radiations I am just writing down here there will be radiations like UV like x-ray NMR mass ayuh again the most popular methods.

So, in my lectures you will be studying pharmaceutical analysis using spectroscopic methods of electromagnetic radiations and mainly on youi my forthcoming lectures would be on you coming to the term spectroscopy as I had mentioned they are nothing but analyzing pharmaceuticals using electromagnetic radiations now why is this method more useful or running in this case because they are all instrumental methods there’s a lot of benefit when analysis done two instruments compared to manual methods nanyo methods are nothing but titration using example friend of telling.

If you have to see the faint pink color change the faint pink color that you see and your partner will see might differ by a little ml of the titrant which can lead to manual error when you come to instrumental method all those manual errors are cut down because instrumental methods have accuracy they have precision and they have reliability which is why most of the methods developed these days are instrumental methods so you have to remember if you get into a project of pharmaceutical analysis you will be developing and validating methods which are instrument based there is no project going on right now where you will be developing a method using manual inspection or visual inspection.

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