What is Drug and Route of Drug Administration

Drug is any substance or product that’s used or intended to be accustomed modify or explore physiological system or pathological escapes as an example once we take an individual tamal paracetamol reduce her blood heat so paracetamol may be a drug and blood heat associated with physical physiological system now routes of drug administration.

This is often the foremost important part routes of drug administration could also be divided into two types first will the local routes and second is systemic routes local routes also further divided into subtypes first one may be a topical drug used for local action for instance creams and lotions or taken by this route second is deeper tissues in in intra-articular injections and uh tell supply Dippold deep in particular injections.

That is most very well use deeper tissues or till supply and third one is systemic routes system in routes also for further divided into first one is oral most ordinarily utilized by human so all tablets syrups capsules used by this routes second is sublingual something will called as a buccal routes but this routes they were related to tongue or and it any of drug which is chewable or even crushing mount for onset of action and third one could be a rectal rectal use for bitter taste of drug.

Which isn’t taken by orally so use this put into the rectum fourth one is the cutaneous cutaneous could be a apply over the skin for slow absorption for instance bio patches for a pain use over the skin basically in solders for within the back for a slobs option of drug fifth one is the inhalation inhalation associated with respiratory system yes this is often a drug taken within the mouth or directly directly reach into the lungs and 6 one may be a nasal nestled could also be used for no nasal spray so this routes only used for nose.

What’s sec seventh one may be a parent parent role is also subdivided into three parts first one is intravenous second one is intramuscular and third one is subcutaneous this route is includes a very high bioavailability could also be directly reached into the bloodstream so this routes use also fast action of a drug and now we are going to speak about what’s pharmacokinetics.

This can be staple items you should know what’s the body but the body does to the drug in simple terms Bodi Act one a drug so movement and alteration of the drug by the body includes a B and E in description a DME a for absorption the drug absorbed into the body D for distribution drugs trade or distribute into the body M for metabolism metabolism that’s bio transformation of a drug efore excretion the remaining a part of drug in within the body off from the body that’s called excretion now we are going to talking about pharmacodynamics pharmacodynamics.

What the drug does to the body in simple terms drug act on the body this includes physiological and biochemical effects of medication and there a mechanism of action and organy organ system in simple terms Howard Drug Act owner living organism includes the pharmacological response and also the duration of magnitude of response observable ative to the concentration of the drug at a lively site within the organism the concentration of a jerk as a main thing and site of action and now what is the absorption we’ll discuss a DNA in details now what’s absorption absorption is that the movement of medicine.

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