Explain the Eastern Equine Encephalitis and give Short notes on the EEE.

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In this article we’re going to learn all about eastern equine encephalitis if you’re new here my name is brandi. i’m here with the dr. rebecca Vollrath from the Copper Country vet clinic and we’re gonna talk about eastern equine encephalitis. so, dr. Barath can you tell me what exactly is eastern equine encephalitis so eastern equine encephalitis or a Triple E for short is a viral disease of horses transmitted by mosquitoes.

It’s also very similar to western equine encephalitis both of those cause neurologic symptoms and horses and have a very high mortality rate of about 90% even. if treated it causes swelling in their brain and a variety of other neurologic symptoms and sometimes. they can even look like colic first and then it progresses from there so what are some of the what are some of the symptoms that people should watch out for so for any unvaccinated horse we get worried. when we see symptoms of even colic and if the colic progresses to abnormal neurologic symptoms like blindness seizures head pressing.

Where they push their head up against the structure like a wall or a trailer they’ll tremor and they will act abnormal mentation wise where they don’t seem to recognize you with their owner and it’ll go from there is there any tooling or anything. there can be drooling and salivation every course. that I saw looked very different I’m presentation interesting. so, it’s pretty serious. it’s very serious about 90% of horses will die without treatment and even with treatment. they may never be the same how did they get it they get it from mosquitoes so usually transmission doesn’t occur until later summer early fall because.

It needs to build up in the bird population first before it’s gonna transfer over to horses and even people can get it there was a human in Michigan that was diagnosed last year so how do they get it how do humans reverses get it from the birds they don’t get up in the birds they get it from the mosquitos who get it they transfer it around and build it up in our local bird populations and then if it builds up in their bloodstream it gets to our horses all right. so, they can’t give it to each other either. they can’t give it to each other interesting and how how do we prevent this so preventing Triple E or West Nile or western equine encephalitis is both prevented by vaccinations that are included in our four way vaccinations.

So, it’s pretty infect a pretty effective yep the vaccine does not last for many years at a time the manufacturer’s guarantee approved like for tonight at six to nine months six to nine months so in our area our bird migration is what like October. so, if we wanted to protect our horse from Triple E. when would be good times to vaccinate and in the we’re in the Midwest so when’s a good time in our area to vaccinate. so I like to vaccinate horses no sooner than April because then we’re starting to worry that the protection might be wearing off by the time our high peak season for transmission maybe if horses like my own horse.

It vaccinated in February this year because of his show travel. I will booster him in the fall to be safe that way I have Florida they do it every six months that’s where it’s really contagious there and up here if I start April May we’re usually good through our season although the year that we had it here was a very abnormally wet year and the mosquito population was super. it was super high.

So, I was boost during in the fall what some what is an average cost for the vaccine the for.we vaccine tends to run around forty to forty five dollars.  so, that’s very doable. so, you have some experience with dealing with horses that had Triple E what were some of the give us the reality of it what was some of the things that you saw and that you had to do and the horses went through who had this so Triple E is something. I never hope to see ever again it was eye-opening that day and did not expect to see ever in my career coming back to the U P it’s just not something we had a lot of and it exploded in one night on a Saturday.

Where I had two horses come in and the first horse started off relatively normal other than drooling that’s why he came to me to look for a way he could be truly we thought maybe a dental problem and then he was kind of wobbly on his feet we call it a taxi a– and so we brought him out of the trailer. so, i could do a full neurologic exam on him and within 10 to 20 minutes he went blind and it was seizing on my front lawn and we had to make the decision to euthanize him because no medications were helping and then we had to collect samples for testing the second horse presented like a colic and was painful and throwing itself on the ground.

When I went into the trailer he was head pressing and very uncoordinated leaning up against the walls he couldn’t stand on his own and it progressed from there and that horse was so date dangerous because it didn’t know what was going on anymore it wasn’t really a horse anymore it was he felt like a zombie and it took a long time to get that horse safely euthanized so but it was just trying to hurt itself and us without meaning to now what kind of was there any testing that you had to do afterwards yes the best sample for testing for Triple E is brain sample.

So, I had to collect brain tissue from both forces and submit that to a lab to figure out which virus it had we can also collect zeros cerebrospinal fluid which coats around the brain in the spinal cord which I had to do for my third horse since I didn’t have the equipment to collect a brain sample from it and that sample is not as good as the brain sample though.

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How do you collect a brain sample on horse well if I was in a big Hospital down in a big city they have a lot of equipment to do it very clean where basically the human isn’t involved anymore it’s just equipment that does it I had to drill a small hole in its head and pull the skull away and luckily I have very small hands and I was able to scoop the brain out and then close it up oh wow it was not it was not the best experience you know so we want as horse owners we need to do everything we can to prevent this yes that is the best vaccine is very effective there’s I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy it was a horrible experience to see those horses.

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