What is Drug and Route of Drug Administration

Drug is any substance or product that’s used or intended to be accustomed modify or explore physiological system or pathological escapes as an example once we take an individual tamal paracetamol reduce her blood heat so paracetamol may be a drug and blood heat associated with physical physiological system now routes of drug administration. This … Read more

Introduction to Pharmaceutical Analysis

Pharmaceutical analysis it’s nothing but analysis of all the pharmaceuticals what does analysis mean they are basically all the results or tests that you perform in the lab like identification solubility LOD I say impurities etc so these are all the general tests that you keep performing for your analysis that’s analysis but of what … Read more

Introduce to MYCOLOGY

They are cold about 20 degrees there in mould form when they’re hot about 37 degrees there in a yeast form the only exception to this rule is with coccidioidomycosis which is a Sphero and not a yeast in tissue treatment for the systemic bite mycoses include fluconazole or kita comas all for local infection … Read more

Explain African Horse Sickness

African horse sickness is also one of the notifiable disease listed under classification Rio Verde family classified under the Baltimore group 3 group 3 comprises of viruses with double-stranded RNA genome the word Rio refers to respiratory and teurac orphan viruses that is these virus infect humans respiratory and intestinal tracts without symptoms some of … Read more